Plate of foodservice Italian Gluten Free Lobster and Shrimp Gourmet Ravioli in a restaurant setting

Gluten-Free Pasta Dishes: Something to Consider

The gluten-free craze is on the rise and shows no signs of letting up, so it’s important for Italian restaurants to understand consumer demands so they can respond to such. In fact, over the past 10 years sales of gluten-free products in all categories have skyrocketed, and by 2019 sales are expected to reach $2.34 billion per year – a 140% increase from 2014 – according to a report published in January 2015 by Packaged Facts, titled Gluten-Free Foods in the U.S.

At Bernardi, we pride ourselves in innovation, including understanding consumer demands and responding to them, so we’ve been hard at work developing a wide range of gluten-free products that will keep diners happy and restaurants profitable.

Some of our most popular gluten-free products that are served at restaurants throughout the United States are our gluten-free cheese ravioli (product #73996), which are a good alternative to the classic, as well as our gluten-free grilled vegetable ravioli (#73997) for those leaning towards a healthier option. Other more recent products include jumbo gluten-free garlic lemon pepper shrimp ravioli (#73998) and our gluten-free pasta sheets, which are about to launch.

Italian restaurants should consider straying away from the norm to offer gluten-free dishes that will make diners happy, especially those with food allergies. Restaurants should also have gluten-free options simply because that’s what the market demands.